Our principles


- We take over all the transferable obligations of the EAG-VO and the BattVO

- We are a non-Profit Organisation - we have no profit intent, i.e. we make calculations without mark-ups

- We therefore offer our customers the lowest costs on an ongoing basis

- We are available to all businesses who are affected by EAG-VO and/or BattVO

- We treat all our customers according to the same principles (Equal Treatment Principle (Gleichbehandlungsprinzip))

- We are under the ownership of the economy. Wir stehen im Eigentum der Wirtschaft. Die betroffene Wirtschaft bestimmt bei uns mit. (translation suggestion???)


Our network


As part of the ARA Service Group, we capitalise system and market synergies to guarantee the best service at the best price to our customers.

Our extensive waste management network in Austria for electrical equipment and batteries encompasses:

- over 100 regional collection points
- 120 waste management partners
- 450 partners from cities and municipalities

Our Austria-wide system provides you and your customers with the highest level of waste management assurance and an efficient and cost-based collection of old electrical equipment and batteries.

Our solutions for international obligations

ERA is a part of a network of European partners. Hence we provide a Europe-wide solution for the fulfilment of your obligations. Currently this covers all 28 EU Member States as well as Switzerland, Norway and Serbia.