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Here's how you can get online access

  1. For legal reasons, unfortunately this cannot be done online. Please complete the form: "Application for online account".
  2. Send this form completed with company details to ERA GmbH. 
  3. We will send the login details to the person designated as administrator on the form.
  4. Please read through the general conditions (Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen) for ERA-Online registration.
  5. We updated the account from a credit memo procedure to an electronic invoice with digital signature. As such, your efforts are further reduced.

The proven registration process as well as the registration and payment periods remain unaffected, only the registration form will be electronically created. In order to save you from the time-consuming reversal of the electronic signature and to keep costs as low as possible, an automatic adjustment of the credit memo procedure from that used up until now to an electronic billing procedure will take place.


A summary of your advantages

  • improved clarity
  • higher legal and transfer assurance
  • Reduction of administrative tasks
  • elektronic invoice with digital signature
  • this service is, of course, free of charge