The ERA Association

Many ERA customers view the WEEE Directive and the Battery Ordinance not only as an imposition but also as a part of their community and environmental responsibilites to concern themselves with an effective recycling system. 

They participate in the ERA Association and actively shape ERA's business development.  They contribute ideas and suggestions as well as control and direction. 

Contribute actively to our business development as a member of the ERA Association and ask even more of us. Become a member of the ERA Association. 

Every company that manufactures, imports or sells electrical equipment or batteries and has a completed obligation agreement with ERA can become a member of this Association. Companies which operate solely in the waste management sector are exempt from membership. If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us:


That which ERA is for electrical equipment and batteries is what ARA AG is for packaging. It has managed the collection and recycling of packaging in Austria since 1993.

Thereby Austria has one of the most successful packaging collection and recycing systems in Europe.

You can find more information about ARA on its website: