Since 1st July 2014, foreign distance retailers who supply their electrical equipment to Austrian consumers must have a designated so-called "Authorised Representative". We provide this "Authorised Representative" through our ARAPlus Service Company and deal with your registration in the Austrian Company Register as well as fulfil your consequent reporting and information obligations to the public authorities with regard to the waste electrical equipment ordinance. 

The appointment requires power of attorney, i.e. the authorisiing signature must be certified by a notary, because otherwise registration with the public authorities cannot be carried out. Please note that the registration is valid for a quarter at a time.

After successful registration, ARAPlus, as your "Authorised Representative", will complete all of the contract documents on your behalf so that a legally-recognised release of your waste electrical equipment can take place.

The "Authorised Representative" does not cover batteries. If you also deal in batteries, please contact us on +43 1 59997 555.

Hotline: +43 1 59997 555