Authorised Representative

Since 1st July 2014, foreign manufacturers based in an EU Member State, who supply products to Austrian businesses, are able to designate an "Authorised Representative". Foreign distance selling traders (mail-order, online), whether EU or non-EU, and who supply products to Austrian consumers must have a designated "Authorised Representative".

ERA can act as your "Authorised Representative" through the ARAplus Service brand. In the event that you appoint us by means of certified authorisation to act as your Authorised Representative, we will register your company and subsequently fulfil all your obligations relating to government agencies as well as the reporting and information obligations of the Austrian waste electrical equipment ordinance for you. 

If you have more detailed questions or need further information, please call us: +43 1 595 2636 555.

You already know that you need an Authorised Representative?
Then you can download the relevant contract document here.