Bestes Service zum besten Preis

Die ERA ist der Spezialist für Elektroaltgeräte und Batterien innerhalb der ARA Servicegruppe.

Wir übernehmen für Hersteller, Händler, Importeure und Exporteure von Elektrogeräten und Batterien alle übertragbaren Verpflichtungen aus der Österreichischen Elektroaltgeräteverordnung bzw. Batterienverordnung.

Unsere Non-Profit-Orientierung garantiert Ihnen bestes Service zum besten Preis.

Unternehmen, die Elektro-/Elektronikgeräte oder Batterien in Verkehr bringen, müssen an einem Sammel- und Verwertungssystem wie der ERA GmbH teilnehmen, wenn es sich um sogenannte "Haushaltsgeräte" oder bei Batterien um sogenannte "Gerätebatterien" handelt.

Wenn Sie Geräte für gewerbliche Zwecke (zB riesige Kühlvitrinen, Spezialwerkzeug für den Fachhandel, ...) oder auch Industriebatterien in Verkehr bringen, können Sie freiwillig an unserem Sammel- und Verwertungssystem teilnehmen. Das entbindet Sie von der Verpflichtung, die Geräte selbst vom Kunden zurückzunehmen. Stattdessen kann Ihr Kunde Sie kostenlos bei unseren Übernahmestellen abgeben.

Folgende Kategorien können Sie bei uns entpflichten:

- Elektrogroßgeräte (die größte starre Kantenlänge beträgt mehr als 50 cm)

- Kühl-/Gefriergeräte sowie Klimageräte und Wärmepumpen

- Elektrokleingeräte (die größte starre Kantenlänge ist weniger als 50 cm)

- Bildschirmgeräte, Flachbildschirmgeräte und Röhrenbildschirme mit einer Bildschirmfläche 
  größer als 100 cm²

- Gasentladungslampen, Energiesparlampen und LED-Lampen

- Photovoltaik-Module

- Gerätebatterien

- Fahrzeugbatterien

- Industriebatterien

Selbstverständlich können Sie bei uns auch Ihre Verpackungen entpflichten - wir vermitteln gerne alle Dienstleistungen der ARA Servicegruppe. Rufen Sie uns an: +43.1.595 26 36-555.

Direkt zur ARA gelangen Sie hier.

Companies who offer electrical/electronic equipment or batteries on the consumer market must participate in a collection and recycling system such as the one operated by ERA when their business involves so-called "Household equipment" or batteries, so-called "Portable batteries".

If you sell equipment for commercial purposes (e.g. large display refrigerators, special tools for secialist businesses) or also industrial batteries on the market, you can voluntarily participate in our collection and recycling system. This releases you from the obligation to take back old equipment from your customers. Instead, your customers can return old equipment to our collection points free of charge.

We can take over the following categories of equipment for you:

- Large electrical equipment (with a rigid edge-length of over 50 cm)

- Cooling/freezing equipment including air-conditioning units and heat pumps

- Small electrical equipment (with a rigid edge-length of less than 50 cm)

- Screens, flatscreens, cathode ray tube equipment and tube screens with a screen surface area of over 100 cm²

- Gas discharge lamps, energy saving lamps and LED lamps

- Photo-voltaic modules

- Portable batteries

- Vehicle batteries

- Industrial batteries

Of course, you can also transfer the handling of your packaging to us - all of the services of the ARA Services Group are available to us. Please call us: +43 1 595 2636 555.

You can connect directly to ARA here.

Wir sorgen für umweltgerechtes Recycling auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik.

Damit verringern wir den Abfall, der deponiert oder verbrannt werden muss und gewinnen große Teile der Wertstoffe zurück, die in Elektrogeräten enthalten sind.

Für unsere Kunden organisieren wir maßgeschneiderte Entsorgungslösungen, die sich selbstverständlich nicht nur auf Elektrogeräte und Batterien beschränken.

Waste Management

We provide environmentally responsible recycling using state-of-the-art technology.

This means that we minimise the waste which has to be dumped or incinerated and maximise the recovery of the valuable materials contained in electrical equipment.

For our customers, we create customised waste management solutions which are, of course, not limited to only electrical equipment and batteries. 

WEEE compliance in the most important European markets

The EU WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive is an issue for the whole of Europe. As an exporter of electrical and electronic equipment you must comply with WEEE regulations in other countries in which they apply - and note that batteries and packaging are also included.

We can help you with our network of specialists throughout Europe. 

Please contact us on +43 1 595 2636 555 and arrange a no-obligation consultation meeting.

Authorised Representative

Since 1st July 2014, foreign manufacturers based in an EU Member State, who supply products to Austrian businesses, are able to designate an "Authorised Representative". Foreign distance selling traders (mail-order, online), whether EU or non-EU, and who supply products to Austrian consumers must have a designated "Authorised Representative".

ERA can act as your "Authorised Representative" through the ARAplus Service brand. In the event that you appoint us by means of certified authorisation to act as your Authorised Representative, we will register your company and subsequently fulfil all your obligations relating to government agencies as well as the reporting and information obligations of the Austrian waste electrical equipment ordinance for you. 

If you have more detailed questions or need further information, please call us: +43 1 595 2636 555.

You already know that you need an Authorised Representative?
Then you can download the relevant contract document here.

Help with assessment and reporting

Accurate reporting of the volume of electrical equipment put on the market is not always easy!

- Does my equipment fall in scope of the waste electrical equipment ordinance?

- Do I have equipment for the household or commercial sectors?

- Which equipment category does my electrical equipment come under?

- Which category do my batteries come under?

- Which weight do I have to use?

- Which accessories have to be taken into account? 

This could be very time-consuming with a thousand articles. But we could be very helpful.

Simply call us on +43 1 595 2636 555. We are happy to help you.

Customised old product returns and waste management solutions

Would you like a check of your current waste management operations? Or do you want to offer your customers a first-class waste product returns service?

Then talk to us about your waste. The ARA Service Group through ARES Advanced Recycling Solutions has the top specialists in the disposal and recycling of every kind of waste from electrical/electronic scrap to factory waste.

We are happy to provide you with information - or you can find out about all of the ARES services on their website:

Your reliable partner in dealing with lithium-ion batteries

The use of lithium batteries is continuously increasing. Whether in equipment for entertainment, telecommunications or electromobility - almost no industry has been unaffected and exploits the many advantages of their high energy and performance capabilities.

This is overshadowed by a high safety risk. The legislators have therefore established special requirements for the safe collection and storage of lithium batteries through the Waste Treatment Obligations Ordinance (AbpVO).

When small or large - and possibly damaged - lithium batteries are also in your company and you don't know which special requirements you have to follow, then we are the right contact partner for you.

Please contact us on +43 1 595 2636 555. We would be pleased to arrange an individual consultation meeting for you.