Which types of equipment are covered by the WEEE Ordinance?

The WEEE Ordinance applies to the following types of EEE:

  • large household appliances
  • small household appliances
  • IT and telecommunications equipment
  • consumer equipment
  • lighting equipment
  • electrical and electronic tools
  • toys, leisure and sports equipment
  • medical devices
  • monitoring and control instruments
  • automatic dispensers

How to categorise equipment
The Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment has drawn up a list of examples to help determine whether the WEEE Ordinance applies to a specific appliance and, if so, to help ascertain the appropriate category.
This list includes information on whether the WEEE Ordinance applies at all (third column), which category the EEE belongs to (fourth column), which collection and treatment category it is in (fifth column) and whether it is typically intended for professional use (sixth column).

List of appliances and devices (PDF – 212 KB; German only)

EEE is assigned to one of five treatment categories:

  • small electrical appliances (edge length < 50 cm)
  • large electrical appliances (edge length ≥ 50 cm)
  • cooling appliances (refrigerators, freezers)
  • display screen equipment and CRT equipment
  • gas discharge lamps

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