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Your company is registered in Austria or handles its invoicing through a place of business in Austria? Just call +43/1/595 26 36-777 and we will send you the necessary forms. You can also download them by clicking the links below.

Joining ERA (download forms here)

What next?

  • Please enter the full name and address of your company  in both copies of the agreement and sign them (company stamp and signature).
  • Send the signed agreements (both copies) and the registration form back to us by mail.
  • We will countersign the agreement and send one copy back to you.

Your company does not handle its invoicing through a place of business in Austria?

Use the ERA agent model to fulfil data submission and payment obligations on behalf of your Austrian trading partners. Our service subsidiary, ARAplus, can also serve as your authorised representative. Under the WEEE Ordinance, appointing an authorised representative is mandatory for foreign-based mail order companies; all other foreign manufacturers can use the services of an authorised representative if they wish to do so. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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