Return facilities for consumers

Consumers can use a large network of collection sites in Austria to return waste electrical and electronic equipment and waste batteries free of charge.

Three options are available:

  • Municipal collection sites
    You can use the waste collection infrastructure you are familiar with (recycling sites, waste centres, etc.) to drop off your WEEE and waste batteries.
  • Regional collection points
    Another option is to use the designated collection facilities for retailers and distributors, where consumers are also permitted to drop off WEEE and waste batteries. A list of regional collection points in Austria is available here.
  • Take-back by retailers/distributors
    You can also return WEEE to retailers/distributors, but only if you purchase a new, equivalent device which fulfils the same functions as your old one. Shops with a sales area of less than 150 m² are exempt from the take-back obligation if customers are informed of this fact with a clearly visible sign. You can always return waste batteries even if you are not buying new ones.

To locate the nearest collection site, just click the link below to search an up-to-date database:

WEEE: https://secure.umweltbundesamt.at/eras/registerabfrageEAGSammelstelleSearch.do

Batteries: https://secure.umweltbundesamt.at/eras/registerabfrageBATSammelstellenSearch.do